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The Sunshine Effects on Solar Loan Repayments
主讲人 秦雨 主讲人简介 <p>北大国发院访问副教授,新加坡国立大学商学院房地产系长聘副教授,康奈尔大学应用腾博官网诚信为本客服下载与管理博士,主要研究领域为环境腾博官网诚信为本客服下载学、城市腾博官网诚信为本客服下载学。担任国际期刊<em>China Economic Review</em>共同主编;<em>Journal of Economic Behavior &amp; Organization </em>副主编;<em>Journal of Economic Geography</em>编委会委员;研究成果发表在<em>Nature Climate Change, Nature Human Behaviour, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Review of Finance, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management</em>等杂志。</p>
主持人 洪永淼 简介 <p>Solar loans are increasingly used to promote residential solar photovoltaic expansion. However, concerns about their default rate are increasing. This paper studies the psychological effects of sunshine on borrowers&rsquo; repayment behaviors. Using administrative datasets from China, we first show borrowers are 20.8% less likely to be delinquent if the sunshine duration is one standard deviation longer in the week of the repayment deadline. Furthermore, borrowers who signed up for solar panels on extremely sunny days have a persistently higher probability of delinquency. We rule out rational explanations and show the result is most consistent with behavioral bias, such as projection bias or salience. Overall, our results provide novel insights into the mechanisms of sunshine effects in renewable energy financing.</p>
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